Tuesday, 23 September 2014

The Honey Plot

Below is 'The Honey Plot' a 2D short animation which was originally an idea I pitched in my final year at 'The Arts University College Bournemouth' (which is now 'Arts University Bournemouth', AUB) as a graduation project. I directed the short alongside my friend Benjy Parnell-King and we also had a very talented team of people that helped develop the idea and make it what it is. It was an intense project but overall a great experience. Everyone that helped out worked so hard on this so I have huge respect for you guys, thank you so much!

2013 was an exciting year for this animation because it won 'The Royal Television Society Southern Centre Student Television Awards 2012' for best student animation 2012. We were in the same category as our colleagues from the university that created a stop-motion short called 'Marionette'. Check it out, it's one superb animation! 

Since then 'The Honey Plot' has been shown all over the world in places such as Hungary, USA, China, Israel and many places around the UK. Below is just a jumble of some early and late designs that I did for the project. I had pages of sketches so I just chose the ones I liked best. Hope you like them aswell! : )

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Warm Up Animations

My animation line manager Jack came up with a great animation idea that we've started this week. Every morning before we start work we have to do an animation of whatever we like to warm up but we only have 10 minutes to do it in so, it's about thinking fast and being confident with what you want to create. It's a brilliant exercise and it's exciting to see what ideas other people have going through there minds aswell. Well worth trying out if you're an animator. You can view all the animations so far on the link above so check it out!